2016 - Year of the Voter

Governor Brownback and his allies are engaged in a massive campaign to purge the Kansas Supreme Court of judges they don’t like. Governor Brownback will then be able to appoint judges who are more compliant with his wishes. The best way to maintain an objective court is to retain all judges. One of the best ways to stop Governor Brownback’s power grab is to vote to retain all judges.

Currently, Kansas judicial nominees are selected by a panel of five lawyers elected by the state’s licensed attorneys, and four lay members selected by the governor. This panel recommends three judicial finalists to the governor, who makes the final selection. The goal of this system is to appoint judges based on merit, not cronies or those with ideological connections.

After judges are appointed, they are listed on the ballot every few years with the question, “Should Judge Jane Doe be retained?” People vote yes or no. That is the question we are addressing here. We strongly urge you to vote to retain all judges.

The US and Kansas constitutions were crafted so the judiciary would be free from political influence. The job of the judges is to interpret the law and uphold it, free from outside influence, regardless of the popularity of the law. The job of the legislature is to change laws that are unpopular.

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“Tim, why can’t you go along with us on this judicial selection issue and let us change the way we select judges so we can get judges who will vote the way we want them to?"

   - Sam Brownback, as quoted by
Ex-Kansas Senator Tim Owens


Put out yard signs in busy intersections. Vote to retain all judges! Pick up your sign September 20!



“We do not take money from either side. Nor do we decide cases based on money’s distant cousins: threats and other pressures.”

 - Lawton R. Nuss, Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice


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