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We will reduce gun violence through education, advocacy and participation in actions to keep our children and grandchildren safe at home, at school and in our community.


Special Kansas Edition

Kansas regents prepare to open universities to guns under new law, Kansas City Star, October 4, 2015. 

First let’s make sure we understand the situation: Here’s the crux of the issue as told in the article:

  • Kansas universities are preparing to implement a law that will allow most people to carry concealed firearms without a permit on campus.
  • Kansas public universities have authority to ban guns on campus. That will change on July 1, 2017, when they’ll be required to open their institutions to concealed weapons.
  • The Kansas Board of Regents, which sets policy for the state university system, is studying where and how guns can be controlled without violating the law, said board chairman Shane Bangerter.

What can you do? Express your displeasure.

  • Become familiar with the laws (see below) that have already been passed.
  • Write, email, or call elected officials and the Board of Regents. Let them know you are a member of True Blue Women and Grandparents Against Gun Violence! 
  • Write, email, or call the Kansas Board of Regents, specifically the Governance Committee (1000 SW Jackson Street, Suite 520, Topeka, KS 66612-1368, 785-296-3241)
  • Write/call your elected officials.
  • Consider Letters to the Editor in the Kansas City Star.
Specifics about the laws: Two significant Kansas laws have passed in recent years that, when combined, will open campuses to concealed carry with or without permits.
  • In 2012, the Kansas Legislature passed the Personal and Family Protection Act, overriding local gun ordinances statewide and requiring that concealed-carry permit holders be allowed to carry their weapons in almost all public buildings.
  • Under that law, guns “shall not be prohibited in any state or municipal building unless such building has adequate security measures to ensure that no weapons are permitted to be carried into such building.”
  • Adequate security is defined in the law as “use of electronic equipment and personnel at public entrances to detect and restrict the carrying of any weapons” into the facilities, “including, but not limited to, metal detectors, metal detector wands or any other equipment used for similar purposes.”
  • Earlier this year, the Legislature passed a follow-up measure, allowing anyone who can lawfully own a gun to carry it loaded and hidden without a permit.

How to Support GAGV

  • Pay the $25.00 annual dues at a GAGV meeting or by mail to P.O. Box 11193, Overland Park, KS 66207. It costs to put on our monthly meetings and to organize, host or co-sponsor other meetings. We count on your financial support, as well as your interest, to move our goals forward.
  • Understand and support our mission.
  • Recruit new members, inform others, and encourage action.
  • Like and follow our Facebook page Grandparents Against Gun Violence. Be sure to read the articles and “like” them, too!
  • Write letters to the editor.
  • Engage in our volunteer activities.

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