Gun Violence Prevention

Important Facts
  • The Gun Violence Prevention Project focuses on creating a safe business community in our area. By posting No Gun signs, a person is not allowed to bring a gun into that business.
  • Some businesses who have posted the No Gun signs have removed them due to patrons complaining about the signs. We can counter that!
  • Currently Kansas is a conceal and carry state. In order to receive a permit to carry a concealed gun, you must past a background check and complete a gun safety program.
  • In contrast, open carry does not have any regulations of safety classes or background checks, and therefore presents much more of a risk to the safety of our community.
  • The Kansas House has passed a variety of pro-gun bills, one of which attempts to override federal gun laws. Missouri is currently considering similar bills. The pro-gun lobby is pushing to allow guns in schools, city hall, and other public buildings. Go to our Gun Legislation Update page to learn more.                                      
Action Steps to Prevent Gun Violence

1.  Call your legislators, City Council, and Mayor to share your concerns about open carry and support them in standing up to the Libertarian Party's lawsuits (Leawood & Prairie Village, for now).

2.  Spread the use of No Guns Allowed signs at businesses.
  • Visit five businesses that have No Guns signs and thank them for providing a gun free environment. 
  • Visit five businesses that don't have No Guns signs and ask them if they would display one and express your concern and disappointment about the lack of a sign.
3.  Practice gun safety: if you have a gun in your home, lock up the gun and ammunition separately in appropriate gun safes. Free gun locks can be obtained at area police stations.

Businesses, especially in Overland Park where they now have open carry, have been targeted by the opposition who have been very vocal and angry about the No Guns signs.

 We must let the business community hear our voices that we demand a gun free environment!


I cannot help but wonder how Wayne LaPierre would spin his mantra of “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is with a good guy with a gun”  if knew about the fatal shooting of Jon Bieker at his “She’s A Pistol” gun shop. Jon was a tall, GOOD guy, surrounded by guns in his store, and yet was unable to protect himself from a BAD guy with a gun. Also makes me wonder how a GOOD teacher with a gun, could stop a BAD guy with a gun. Platitudes and empty phrases cloud the issue of who should have guns and who should not.

Judy Sherry
Grandmothers Against Gun Violence
Letter to the Kansas City Star
January 15, 2015

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